A few months back I shared a few images from an outing to Red Goose Gardens outside Shelly, Minn., and talked about my vision for an upcoming call for entry. Well, I’m happy to share that my proposal was accepted and I will be one of five local artists and four groups participating in The Arts Partnership’s inaugural Community Supported Arts project. The concept mirrors that of food-based CSAs except those purchasing a share receive an assortment of original art.

For more information about the project and those involved, check out The Arts Partnership‘s website or read an article published in the local newspaper. Word on facebook is shares are selling fast. Last time I checked just 20 of the initial 50 shares remained available. At just $300 per share, it’s definitely a great deal for anyone who enjoys art and wants to support local artists.

In the meantime, I’ll leave you with a photograph from last week’s farm outing. I spent seven glorious hours exploring, photographing and considering. I’m headed back to the farm in a few short weeks and can’t wait to see the collection of photographs grow and evolve.

Thanks for looking. – Ann

Photograph of a chicken as part of a community-supported art project



Photography by Ann Arbor Miller

On a fine October morning last fall I headed up to photograph at Red Goose Gardens, located outside Shelly, Minnesota. My family has supported the farm through its community supported agriculture [CSA] program for several years. The farm is beautiful. I’ve always intended to photograph there, but somehow never seemed to have the time. My autumn photo outing was motivated by a local arts organization’s call for entry. The Arts Partnership is interested in doing what CSA farms do, but with art. So, art enthusiasts will be able to buy a share and receive a box brimming with work by different creatives. Anyway, the proposal deadline was adjusted so I’m back to working on my proposal and considering that first set of images.

Initially, my intention was to select pairs of images – so two complementary photographs would be printed side-by-side on a single piece of paper. However, I’ve been studying some of my selects from the October outing and am seeing ways to physically connect the images. I’m sharing two examples here. I don’t know that I consider either one of these a finished piece. My latest thought is to look for additional pieces or layers to include. For example, the working title of the image below is “Pepper Chicken” so I’m considering overlaying a recipe or a photograph of a recipe card for pepper chicken in the vacant space.

Regardless of what I ultimately come up with, I’m excited about the evolution of this little project. Best, Ann

Photography by Ann Arbor Miller

Minneapolis, Minnesota

My intention with this online journal was to primarily provide a home to share photographs and other creative work. Yet, increasingly I find myself wanting to share observations, considerations and thoughts about photography, media and much more. That said, I’ve been too busy lately [both at work and at home]. I’m craving pause and time for not just reflection, but to craft a plan for the coming months. It seems I’ve cast my net too wide and far.

I’m headed back to Minneapolis this afternoon. I say “back” because this will be my third trip to the Twin Cities in less than two months. Appropriately, the photographs above and below were created in and around the Guthrie Theater in early October. More on that adventure another time.

Best, Ann

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Minnesota Photographer

Our family discovered the most wonderful, magical place near Battle Lake, Minn., a few weeks ago. If Minnesota ever had an undiscovered treasure list, Glendalough State Park certainly belongs on it.

It’s a fairly new park, established in the early 1990s, and features cart-in camping. Load your cart and haul your stuff. It’s a great concept. The campground is within walking distance to two swimming spots and plenty of other activities.

For two nights we called site No. 17 home. I found two dream catchers in nearby trees and photographed them multiple times. Little M. and I made shadow puppets on our tent walls. A strong breeze helped keep the bugs at bay. The weekend outing was a great way to carve out a chunk of family time.

Speaking of spending time away, journal entries here will be less frequent for the next week or two. I’m currently traveling and expect to have limited access to the Internet and phone service. My plan had been to stockpile a few posts and publish them in my absence; however, time ran short and I had to let something go. Here’s to happy travels.

Best, Ann

Little M.

Campsite Details

Little M.

The Jolly Green Giant

I have road construction in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul to thank for this image. [Thanks, Mn/DOT!] Since a section or sections of Interstate 94 were closed for much of last weekend, I took a different [and longer] route home on Sunday from Iowa.

With the promise of food, fuel and a giant statue, I was not about to pass up Exit 119 and Blue Earth, Minn., along Interstate 90. Blue Earth is home to a Jolly Green Giant statue that stands 55-feet tall. According to RoadsideAmerica.com, Blue Earth is not the actual birthplace of the mighty green man. That honor belongs to nearby Le Sueur.

I’m a sucker for roadside attractions and the upper Midwest sure seems to have more than its share of giant statues.

P.S. Have a fabulous weekend!