Minnesota Sky

Girls’ weekend with the Lemonade Book Club is one of my favorite annual rituals. The rules are simple: no husbands or partners or children [except nursing newborns]. We gather for a couple of days at a rural Minnesota lake home and relax. We talk of books and stories read over the past year. We laugh. We tease. We reflect. We celebrate friendship and all that is right in the world. We walk. We eat. We drink red wine and Jane’s yummy slush. We sleep. We enjoy. We are grateful.

Those of us traveling home in a Dodge minivan [not miniman as Michele likes to say] on Sunday afternoon enjoyed a brief visit to the tiny town of Snellman, Minn. The intent was to stop for a few snacks. However, the van refused to start when it was time to go. Silly van. A wrecker from 20-some miles away was called to evaluate the situation. Thanks to a D.L. Towing worker and his trusty Booster Pac we made it home later than expected, but safely.


Lake Scenes


Sky Above Birch Lake

Snellman, Minnesota

Tow Truck Guy

Assistance in Snellman, Minnesota