Bras On Broadway Preview

The 6th annual Bras On Broadway is just around the corner. That means a couple of things.

First, I have one week [as in seven days] to deliver my framed contribution to this very fabulous and important art auction. [The big event is set for Thursday, Oct. 27, but all art is due next week.] Back to that deadline in a moment.

Secondly [and more importantly], tickets [$75 per person] are now available for purchase online. There are lots of ways to get involved and help raise money, support and awareness for breast cancer and those impacted by it. Heaps of information [and a few fun photographs from past events] are online here. [An online gallery of my photographs from the 2010 event is available for viewing here.]

Now, about the submission deadline and personal predicament. This year marks my second time contributing a non-wearable piece of art for auction. I had big plans for last year’s piece, but they didn’t pan out exactly as planned. You can read the more detailed story about the creation of “You Make My Heart Sink” here.

My intention for this year’s auction was to plan ahead so I wouldn’t be left scrambling. Yet, here I am scrambling and asking for help. I spent the past couple of days on the road for an editorial assignment. Before leaving town I gave myself the task of photographing any objects, places or situations that resembled the female breast. I figure the found object approach worked last year so why not try repeating it. Contributing artists [those working with the non-wearable form] aren’t bound to contribute a piece that connects with the whole breast or bra theme. However, I really appreciate the process of creating something new that deals with a predetermined set of parameters.

So, here are three photographs – all were created over the past 48 hours – for your consideration. I’m intending to select one of these images [matted and framed, of course] for the Bras On Broadway art auction. The question now is which one should I pick? In the interest of time [mine and yours], let’s call them A [an artful brick wall], B [object in field] and C [red circles with wire]. I picked up a pair of acorns to photograph as option D. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.

Thanks for your help. – Ann

P.S. A list of participating artists is available online here. I’m reasonably certain that most of the photographs on the page were created by yours truly at last year’s event.

Bras On Broadway Preview

Bras On Broadway Preview

(Dis)covering the Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces

Thanks to a colleague’s recommendation I stopped by Concordia College in Moorhead, Minn., on Tuesday to attend an exhibit and related talk.

“[Dis]covering the Veil: Visible and Invisible Space,” curated by Jennifer Heath, is challenging, delightful, humorous and somber all rolled into one. The exhibit features the work of three dozen visual artists. It’s not just about veils in a literal sense, but also about the historical practice or act of covering. Two days later I’m still considering the exhibit and Heath’s presentation. I didn’t intend to photograph at the exhibit, but I was drawn to the piece above and how one young woman responded to it. I’m sorry to say I don’t have the artist’s name readily available.

“[Dis]covering the Veil: Visible and Invisible Space” remains on display until Sunday, Sept. 25. For more information on this exhibit, a larger exhibition connected to it or Heath’s work, visit

Best, Ann


Carrie Elkin performs in Fargo, North Dakota

We don’t get many visitors here in Fargo, N.D. I’m not sure why. So, when someone or a couple of somebodies decide to visit Wade and I are always excited to play host.

Miss Carrie Elkin, a very fine folk musician and a friend of mine from Ohio University, was in town for a gig Friday night. Her performance was part of a music series called The Listening Room at The Spirit Room in downtown Fargo. Great location. Great show. Respectable turnout.

Thanks for stopping by, Carrie. You and your music are beautiful. – Ann

Carrie Elkin performs in Fargo, North Dakota

Carrie Elkin performs in Fargo, North Dakota

Carrie Elkin performs in Fargo, North Dakota


You just never know who [or what!] you are going to meet in rural Minnesota.

I was on my way back to Fargo from an assignment with Minnesota Public Radio News yesterday afternoon. Highway 10 was nearly in reach when I came upon a turtle in the middle of the road. He [or she] was squarely in the center of my path. I swerved a bit, thinking I bet that turtle is going to get hit if he [or she] isn’t careful. I’m was trying to decide where to pull over to photograph said turtle when I came across another turtle. Seriously.

The road isn’t a busy one; however, I had no desire to get hit by a truck just because I want to make a picture of a turtle. That said, I made a picture of the turtle. Isn’t he [or she] nice?

Have a fabulous Labor Day weekend. – Ann



Little M., who really isn’t so little anymore, started kindergarten this week. He assured me that I don’t need to worry about him. Well, I’m his mom so I’m bound to worry – at least a bit. We were a touch rushed that morning, but I wanted to be sure to create at least one photograph of M. in a location that we can easily repeat in future years.

Anyway, here’s to the new school year and a holiday weekend. Enjoy! – Ann