Accident on Fargo's Main Avenue

Life on both the home and work fronts has been generally super busy. Entries here have been far and few between for many months. I’ve lost count. Sometimes I get in the habit of just going. You know the kind of going that takes a person from one task to the next without pause.

Well, this afternoon a big old pause popped up right in front of my new office and studio space in Fargo’s SoMA District [South of Main Avenue]. A silver SUV flipped over in the east bound lane of Main Avenue not far from my door. The driver’s vehicle went up on the curb, hit a tree and flipped, according to bystanders. He was conscious at the scene and taken to a local hospital. After hearing a bit of a commotion, I’d grabbed both my cell phone and 5D classic on my way to find out what was going on. Photographing as firefighters freed the man seemed like the natural thing to do – although I’m not sure what purpose the resulting pictures serve. The experience reminded me how quickly life can change and how everything can come to an abrupt stop. I’m off to collect my son from school, planning to drive carefully and intent on taking pause.

Thanks for looking and I’ll be back soon. – Ann

4 comments on “Accidents Happen Or Old Habits Die Hard

  1. robin huebner on said:

    Hello Ann… So that was you out there snapping away! I didn’t realize it was you. I was sitting in my vehicle in the McDonald’s parking lot, shoveling down some food before I went over to WDAY for the afternoon when I heard the crash and looked up. I wish I had actually seen the accident to understand what happened. I left my lunch and my vehicle running and ran across… Didn’t really know how I could help, but I also decided taking pictures was the thing to do, since several others were already poking their heads in to see if he was okay. Nice bumping into you. Sorry I didn’t say hello.

  2. Morea Steinhauer on said:

    Thank you for your reminder to be mindful and in the present (as we never know when ‘stops’ will happen as life is ever changing).

  3. Yes! That was me, Robin. I thought that was you and should have said hello. It was a strange accident and scene – one that left me out of sorts for the remainder of the afternoon. Hope our paths cross again soon and in a much lighter situation. Ann

  4. Absolutely, Mo. Glad we had a chance to at least see each other during your recent visit. Hope to do it again soon!

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