Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

I visited the build site for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition for the final time before the BIG reveal on Sunday afternoon. The light was beautiful and I had just 30 minutes to photograph. The Grommesh family is in for such a treat.

Here are two of my favorite images from tonight. Enjoy! Ann

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

4 comments on “Extreme Makeover Or It’s A Beautiful Thing

  1. abby tow on said:

    Beautiful work Ann, as always.

  2. Thanks, Abby. The wonderful thing about this effort – besides the fact that it is actually going to benefit a real family and has brought the community together and more – is that I’ve been asked and encouraged to simply photograph the project however I see fit. I wish I could find a way to do this kind of photography in the FM area every single day.

  3. MotherMaier on said:

    Ann: Many thanks to you for sharing an amazing talent. The emotions captured in your photos are so tangible. Western ND is getting no media coverage of this Extreme Makeover so I do a daily check of INFORUM and enjoy your photos plus the newsarticles they offer. Thanks for giving of your time!

  4. Thanks for taking time to look and comment. I’m intending to share more photographs from the build week as time allows. Stay tuned.

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