Bozeman, Montana

My family returned from a much needed and overdue vacation just a few days ago. We spent two full weeks in western Montana. Stepping away from daily life [and returning to a state where I lived for 13 or so years] proved restful and worthwhile.

Big Sky Country always delights, impresses and comforts. Yet, so much has changed in the communities of Bozeman, Missoula and Whitefish – all places I once called home. While the landscape of western Montana remains amazingly beautiful, the economic realities present an increasing divide between those who have money and those who do not.

As much as I love Montana and many people who live there, I’ve never been happier to come home to Fargo and the Red River Valley.

Best, Ann

P.S. I’m intending to return to weekly [or more frequent] updates. Thanks for your patience.

Camas Road and Polebridge, MT

Window Views

Wolf Dog

Details Around Polebridge, MT

Wood Pile Warning

Autumn in Montana

Whitefish and Bowman

View from Airplane

4 comments on “Postcards From Montana – Land Of The Big Sky

  1. So Beautiful Ann! Makes me want to visit. And close to my heart, I lived in Bozeman in the mid 70’s and I have lots of family in MT. Always thought that was where I would live. Thank you for sharing the wonderful photographs! (the first photograph I sold was of a bike leaning on the Polebridge Mercantile! LOL)

  2. Deb Pang Davis on said:

    Ann, I LOVE Montana. I think that’s where I really fell in love with “the west”. It’s a magical place for sure. Glad you scored some R&R.

  3. Thanks, Meg. I didn’t know you lived in Montana. I’m glad I know now! I have family who live outside of Polebridge so it’s always fun to visit the store. Neat place and neat people. We’re planning to go again next summer.

  4. Nice to hear from you, Deb. R&R is an important thing. I keep meaning to do it on a more regular basis. Off topic, any chance you know the dates for next year’s GeekFest? I keep thinking it would be worth the trip.

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