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The Jolly Green Giant

I have road construction in and around Minneapolis-St. Paul to thank for this image. [Thanks, Mn/DOT!] Since a section or sections of Interstate 94 were closed for much of last weekend, I took a different [and longer] route home on Sunday from Iowa.

With the promise of food, fuel and a giant statue, I was not about to pass up Exit 119 and Blue Earth, Minn., along Interstate 90. Blue Earth is home to a Jolly Green Giant statue that stands 55-feet tall. According to, Blue Earth is not the actual birthplace of the mighty green man. That honor belongs to nearby Le Sueur.

I’m a sucker for roadside attractions and the upper Midwest sure seems to have more than its share of giant statues.

P.S. Have a fabulous weekend!

Clay County Fair + Red River Valley Fair

A few weeks back fellow photographer Britta Trygstad and I decided to partake in a shared photo adventure. We went to the Red River Valley Fair in West Fargo, N.D., and a few days later took in the Clay County Fair in Barnesville, Minn. The premise was to go to the same event for the same amount of time and compare images afterward. There may be a larger effort evolving from these outings so I’m only including one image from each location. We’re meeting tomorrow so we’ll see what comes next.

When I worked for the local newspaper my primary task at an event like a county fair was almost always established ahead of time. Typically, the editors wanted a single image for the Metro front or a small selection of images for a feature page or photographs showing this or that. You get the idea. My purpose was clear – and often written down for me in the form of a photo assignment.

These days, my purpose is often so broad and undefined that I find myself overwhelmed, especially in visually-rich environments like county fairs. Assuming we do this again – and I’m sure we will because it is good for us – I hope to establish a goal or at least the makings of a goal in advance of any image making.

P.S. The photo on the left is from the Clay County Fair and the photo on the right is from the Red River Valley Fair.

Wedding Day Kiss

It’s hard to believe a whole year [plus one day] has past since Michele and Jeff married at the Avalon Events Center in downtown Fargo, N.D. The wedding [and reception] was a fabulous affair.

Best wishes to you both in the years ahead.

Wedding Vows

Feet in Fargo

This journal entry, which admittedly is overdue and abbreviated, serves as the final photographic installment of my recent adventures around North Dakota. Previous entries and more photos are available at: North Dakota Road Trip [Part I] and North Dakota Road Trip [Part II].

Ironically, I’m heading out on the road again today. This time my travels are of a personal nature. I’m headed to Iowa where I hope to connect with friends last seen 20 or so years ago. Wonder what I will discover along the way?

Dog in Grand Forks

RV along Interstate 94

Motel in Ragged Butte

Sweet Tracyi



July Sky in Moorhead, Minn.

Let’s be honest. The weather in Fargo-Moorhead gets pretty crazy sometimes and has earned its share of media attention. We regularly experience blizzards, subzero temperatures and floods. Lately, it seems the Red River Valley and parts of northern Minnesota are in line to become the nation’s next tornado alley. I’ve lost count of the number of tornado warnings issued in the past few weeks.

While lakes country was enduring another nasty thunderstorm Saturday evening, the sky above Moorhead gave way to a collection of funky clouds [pictured above]. They’re actually called mammatus clouds – or mammatocumulus – if I’ve done my homework correctly.

Interestingly enough, the next day The Weather Channel announced Fargo resident Steve Waldner as the winner of its “Ultimate Summer Beach Party” contest. His property will be transformed into a “beach party destination complete with sand, water features, palm trees, barbecue and much more,” according to a press release issued by The Weather Channel. The party will be televised live from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. CST on Sunday, July 25.

Wonder what the forecast is?