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Lil' Fisherman's Derby & Clinic

Two weeks ago our family took in the Lil’ Fisherman’s Derby & Clinic, a free event sponsored by the Fargo Park District, on the Red River. It seemed the perfect opportunity to make a few photographs of my husband and son together. Happy Father’s Day, Wade. You are a fantastic dad.

This was the first time the three of us went fishing. It looks like we’ll be doing more in the future, too. Little M. had a great time [even though the big one got away]. We now have a family fishing license and plan to be back on the Red again soon.

Fishing in Fargo, N.D.

Teva Feet

TwoTurtles Wellness Center

In recent weeks I’ve started working with Jen DeMaio and Steve Spader of Two Turtles Wellness Center in Moorhead, Minn. Our goal is to create an image collection of the center’s space and the healing work that takes place within its walls. The photographs will ultimately find their way to the center’s website and be used in printed materials.

Yes, we did the “traditional” head and shoulders portraits that every professional needs. But, I also felt it was important to photograph Jen and Steve with their boys. Being a family is a huge part of their lives. Townsite Park is conveniently located near the offices of Two Turtles so that’s where we went to play.

Two Turtles will host an open house on Tuesday, June 22 from 4 to 7 p.m. Therapies like acupuncture, massage, biofeedback and much more will be offered for a small fee. Oh, and yummy food created by Green Market Catering will also be on hand. Hope to see you there!

Two Turtles: Family

Minnesota Sky

Girls’ weekend with the Lemonade Book Club is one of my favorite annual rituals. The rules are simple: no husbands or partners or children [except nursing newborns]. We gather for a couple of days at a rural Minnesota lake home and relax. We talk of books and stories read over the past year. We laugh. We tease. We reflect. We celebrate friendship and all that is right in the world. We walk. We eat. We drink red wine and Jane’s yummy slush. We sleep. We enjoy. We are grateful.

Those of us traveling home in a Dodge minivan [not miniman as Michele likes to say] on Sunday afternoon enjoyed a brief visit to the tiny town of Snellman, Minn. The intent was to stop for a few snacks. However, the van refused to start when it was time to go. Silly van. A wrecker from 20-some miles away was called to evaluate the situation. Thanks to a D.L. Towing worker and his trusty Booster Pac we made it home later than expected, but safely.


Lake Scenes


Sky Above Birch Lake

Snellman, Minnesota

Tow Truck Guy

Assistance in Snellman, Minnesota

Cady Linnea

A special guest joined the Lemonade Book Club for our annual girls’ retreat at the lake. Miss Cady Linnea, 2 months, was particularly cooperative throughout the weekend and indulged me in a few mini portrait sessions. Little ones are such a joy to photograph.

FYI. Cady is named for Elizabeth Cady Stanton, who advocated for women’s rights and women’s suffrage movements in the United States. Stanton was a friend and colleague of Susan B. Anthony, who is more widely recognized.

Cady Linnea

Cady Linnea

Cady Linnea

Cady Linnea

Wind farm near Rugby, N.D.

While I appreciate landscape photography and hold nature photographers in high esteem, I find myself drawn to making images that show a relationship between the natural world and man-made objects. I came to this conclusion after putting together another set of images from a recent road trip around North Dakota. My primary task on the trip was to create a collection of portraits for a client. However, as time allowed I photographed a handful of roadside attractions and other items of interest.

The photographs above and below were made outside of Rugby, N.D. Wind farms are becoming an increasing addition to the state’s landscape.

Wind Farm near Rugby, N.D.

North Dakota State Capitol Building

The North Dakota State Capitol Building [pictured above] stands 241 feet, 8 inches tall.

'Geese in Flight'

The Enchanted Highway is without question one of my favorite roadside attractions in North Dakota. Small metal geese like the ones pictured above and below line a dirt road that leads to a parking area and the base of “Geese in Flight” – a massive metal sculpture created by Gary Greff. There are at least half a dozen different creations spread along a 32-mile stretch of highway. The Enchanted Highway begins at Exit 72 on Interstate 94 and continues south to the charming community of Regent.

"Geese in Flight"

As an aside, I must be in the habit of looking down at the ground. That’s how I noticed the worm featured in an earlier entry and how I came to photograph the remains of a blueberry muffin [pictured below]. Guess the muffin wasn’t very good… .

Muffin + Dirt