Opera House

Thanks to a recent assignment with Minnesota Public Radio, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in Ellendale, North Dakota, on Wednesday evening. It’s fair to say Ellendale is a bit off the beaten path. The town of 1,500 or so sits along U.S. Highway 281 near the North Dakota-South Dakota border. The downtown [or “just plain town” as described by a server at the community’s lone restaurant] is visually dynamic. The Opera House [pictured above] speaks for itself as does the sunshine yellow interior of Young’s Coin Laundry [pictured below].

Coin Laundry

Washing Machines

Prairie Winds

9 comments on “A Tribute To Ellendale, North Dakota

  1. Don Babcock on said:

    I grew up in Ellendale. I wouldn’t even rate these as good amatuer snapshots. Certainly nothing worth posting on the internet

  2. Hi Don. It’s fair to say that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion. And, one could certainly argue that the Internet is home to plenty of things far less worthy than photographs of buildings in a rural North Dakota community. Regardless, thanks for stopping by.

  3. Jeffrey Sauger on said:

    Cools pics. Ann.

  4. Jeff S. – Nice to see you here! Thanks.

  5. Jeff on said:

    Love the pictures. Really puts you “there” in a way that you never plan: a tilt of the head, a glance at colour … everything just outside your periphery … but still your pictures match what my memories would be if I had been there myself.

  6. James Fassinger on said:

    Thanks for posting the great photos Ann. They are quiet yet telling. Much like small towns themselves. Glad to have your site bookmarked now thanks to Jeff Sauger…

  7. Hi James. Nice to meet you. Thanks for sharing your observations. As I’ve been editing and considering images over the past few months, I’m realizing more and more that I’m drawn to quiet photographs and quiet moments. Not sure what that’s all about, but I’m thinking being aware of it is the start of something.

    P.S. Your website is now bookmarked as well.

  8. Jeff F. – You are as poetic as always.

  9. I’ve sat at that very table at the laundromat

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