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Opera House

Thanks to a recent assignment with Minnesota Public Radio, I had the pleasure of spending a few hours in Ellendale, North Dakota, on Wednesday evening. It’s fair to say Ellendale is a bit off the beaten path. The town of 1,500 or so sits along U.S. Highway 281 near the North Dakota-South Dakota border. The downtown [or “just plain town” as described by a server at the community’s lone restaurant] is visually dynamic. The Opera House [pictured above] speaks for itself as does the sunshine yellow interior of Young’s Coin Laundry [pictured below].

Coin Laundry

Washing Machines

Prairie Winds

Close To Home

Making PicturesApril 23rd, 2010

Neighborhood Scenes

One of the wonderful benefits of being on staff with a newspaper is the perpetual supply of assignments and related deadlines. That constant demand to produce content is omnipresent. It’s like a beast whose appetite is never truely satisfied. That mandate to produce images with such regularity is something I’ve missed for the past 14 months or so.

Enter the online journal. (Note: I’m intentionally avoiding the b-word because I find it clunky and awkward.) This journal provides a platform for images and related creative explorations. It’s a place to share freelance assignments and work through the process of establishing a sustainable venture. It’s a reason to set aside time to walk around my neighborhood and really look for photographs. It’s a reason to set aside perfectionism and embrace an imperfect world.

Photographs and stories exist everywhere and all around us. But, it’s up to the photographer to be watchful and vigilant.

Little M.

When children play hide-and-seek much of the thrill comes in getting found. Sure there is delight and an abundance of hushed giggles while the seeker makes the rounds. But, really the whole point of the game is that someone eventually gets found.

For me, this online journal serves as an attempt to get found. I’m not speaking of “getting found” in the sense of being discovered and subsequently becoming rich and/or famous. Rather, I’m interested in sharing my experience and perspectives as a visual storyteller. I’m interested in making pictures and connections, while also contributing to a larger effort of photojournalists, documentary photographers and others who believe in the power and importance of telling stories.

Every story shares three key elements: a beginning, a middle and an end. This entry serves as the beginning.